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Archival AerialPictures______________________________

"Some of us heard stories of lakes being low enough during the 1930's allowing farmers to harvest hay where a lake once was. This aerial photo from July of 1937 shows Lake Martha on the right and Lake Charlotte on the left. Note how more than half of Lake Martha is no longer water. Even the south bay of Lake Charlotte has shrunk considerably."

(credit Rockford MN History)

Although some of these photo copies of Aerial views are not stellar, it is the quality of aerial photography in their era. Also don't mistake a staple for a road. Some photo's use the "cut and staple" technology to piece together the arial photos and the adjacent photo isn't always an exact fit.

 1937 Aerial   1940 Aerial   1953 Aerial

      1937          1940    1953  

  1958 Aerial  1963 Aerial  1970 Aerial

      1958   1963   1970    


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