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Lake Martha Association Meeting

Saturday, July 17, 2021 @ 3:00 P.M.

Middle of Lake Martha


Membership Welcoming Committee Report

Introduction of New Residents

Last Meeting Minutes- Nate

Treasurer Report- Jim

Grant Applications Update

Latest GoFundMe Results

Project & Dues Payments

Curly Leaf Pond Weed and Algae Treatment Update

Sewer Update if any

Report from Committee Researching LID

Other Committee Project Updates

Additional New Business

Pick Future Tentative Dates for Meetings

Election of 2022-23 Officers


Meeting Called to Order at 3:31PM Bryan Boroughs

Nate Read the Minutes from our March 7th Meeting

Treasure report (Appendix A)

New Member Introduction:

Curly Leaf Pond Weed (CLP)Treatment

      • People were happy with the weed treatment
      • Motion to do treatment next year approved unanimously

Green Algae

      • Partial by product of decomposing Curly leaf
      • Curly leaf is an invasive species
      • Martha has been dropping Copper Sulfate in since 1988
        • It is a temporary solution to fix algae and water clarity
        • Need a permit to treat in the future working with DNR for future treatments
        • Copper Sulfate $90 per bag or approximately $450 for a treatment has been as high as $150 looking to purchase and lock in rate
      • Motion to treat the lake as needed up to 3 times per year as approved by a minimum of 2 officers Approved Unanimous vote

Election of Officers

      • September we will elect next officers
      • Next Meeting September the 20th
      • Location is the Jim / Angela Miller’s House at 7:00PM

CMSSD Sewage Martha / Charlotte (Appendix B)

      • Meetings will cost $2,500 - $3,000 per sewer connection
      • July 27th public meeting to have public meeting on announcement
      • Dorothy to provide minutes

Motion to Mark the Rocks outside of Tabbut’s with a chain or a ball

      • Mary T to follow-up with the DNR

Facebook page to remain open page vs. having pages for Lake Association and General Lake Activities

Bubbler system to remain running as is

      • To evaluate each year as it is the most expensive item to the lake association

Secchi Disc readings over the past 20 + years to updated on the Lake Martha Webpage.  Jim Miller to provide.

Meeting Closed Motion to adjourn at 4:57PM


Lake Martha Association - Treasurer's Report

Meeting – 07/17/21

Bank West


Balance as of 03/07/21




3/30/21- Deposit (Dues/CLP donations)



4/9/21- Dorothy Brede #2163 (get well/sympathy)


4/22/21- Deposit (Dues/CLP donations)



5/5/21 – Deposit (Go Fund Me donations)


5/6/21- Deposit (Dues/CLP donations)



6/7/21- Aquatic Solutions #2164 (CLP treatment)


6/7/21- Wright Soil & Water #2165 (Water Sample)


6/16/21- Deposit (Go Fund Me donations)


6/24/21- Deposit (DNR Grant)
















Bank balance as of 07/17/21





35 paid members (2 off-lake). Four 1st year residents (Free membership) 




All 4 new residents donated to CLP treatment fund. $7355 in donations from 37 donors.


Rcv’d $1500 DNR grant, $500 more coming from Wright County, ETA November.












Charlotte Martha Subordinate Service District Advisory Committee Meeting


4/19/2021 7 p.m.

Meeting held via Microsoft Teams



Brian Asleson, Wright County Attorney’s Office

Tammi Vaith, Wright County Finance and Taxpayer Services

Lindsay Salo, Wright County Finance and Taxpayer Services

Mary Wetter, Wright County Commissioner

Steve Bot, City of St. Michael

Greg Eckblad, Rockford Township

Dorothy Brede

Richard Dehmer

Robin Kohn

Jeff Kennedy

Laura Baloun

Keith Wettschreck

Brian Asleson opened the meeting at 7 p.m. and started the discussion for the first action item of final estimates for the dollar amount of the proposed assessment. Lindsay Salo stated that Tammi Vaith hadreviewed the shortfall, calculated the estimated interest, and has two options for the committee.Option one would be a one-year assessment in the amount of $2,511. Option two would be $2,854spread over three years. Because this is based on a variable interest rate, the Finance Department would need to recalculate the amount before assessing the one-year option. They would monitor balances and recalculate periodically with the possibility of reducing or increasing the assessment if the three-year option is chosen. Tammi Vaith listed a few scenarios that could cause the amount to change: interest rate changes, number of people who choose to pay in full right away, late tax payments.


Discussion turned to future maintenance of the line and whether the assessment should include extra money for this purpose. Jeff Kennedy asked why a maintenance fund is needed; aren’t they paying a fee for this on their monthly bill. Greg Eckblad stated he called the Joint Powers and was told the fee is for grinder pumps and the lift station. Steve Bot added that it also included sewage treatment, but there is nothing for the sewer lines. Brian Asleson said there has been talk of sending any extra funds left to the City of St. Michael for future maintenance. The City doesn’t want to that because the line is outside of the city limits.


Several members of the committee stated that this meeting should deal with the shortfall and future maintenance should be handled separately. The committee agreed.


Discussion returned to the two options for the proposed assessment. The committee agreed that

residents of the district should each choose whether they want the one- or three-year option. The Finance Staff will do a final calculation of the one-year amount in the fall. Residents choosing the three-year option will need to understand their amount could change over the course of the assessment due to the variable interest and other factors. The County will be responsible to get this information out to the residents in the sewer district.


Richard Dehmer noticed that the original bond was refinanced in 2010 and he didn’t see any credit for the expected interest savings and asked for someone to check into it.



1. Brian Asleson will bring the recommendation of the committee to the County Board.



To be determined



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