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Lake Martha Association Meeting

Sunday, March 07, 2021 @ 5:45 P.M.

at the Settlers Park Shelter in

Hanover MN


Last Meeting Minutes- Nate

Treasurer Report- Jim

Membership Welcoming Committee Report

Introduction of New Residents

Weed Survey Update

Craig Mueller, Aquatic Solutions Q&A

Grant Applications

Curly Leaf Weed Treatment

Sewer Update if any

Report from Committee Researching LID

Pick Future Tentative Dates for Meetings

Other Committee Project Updates

Election of Vice President

Ice Out Contest


5:51PM Meeting called to Order by Bryan at the Settlers Park Shelter in Hanover. 15 Families in attendance.

Nate read the meetings minutes from 25-Jul-2020:  Move to approve the minutes at 5:53PM:

Jim Miller provided Treasurer Report: Working on new password approximately $2,800 – Paid Chad for electric and weed assessment.

Association Dues:

  • Yearly Bill came to $2,200 Energy bill for aeration system electricity

  • Discussion on possibility of increasing dues.  Estimate 30 members at $100 for dues gets you to $3,000

  • Noted New Residence have the first year for free

Membership Welcoming Committee Report:

  • Provided packets to new members

  • Letter was given about the lake / association and Caitlin Myers and the Jane Reed email contact

  • Website has information on the meetings to assist new members with meeting time.

  • Form to be added to the packet to ensure they get contact information and notes for next meeting

Around the Horn Introductions:

Craig Weed Treatment (Product Solutions)

  • 95% of plants were curly leaf (1 of the 2 worst plants)

  • Comes out early in the spring and kills off other plants

  • Dies off around 4th of July has green algae by product

  • Option treat individually (No long term) vs. entire lake (Treat up to 10%) backed by DNR in which we applied for a grant.

  • Allowed to treat 15% of your lake

  • $5,200 for total lake treatment or approximately $125 per homes

    • 1 parts per million

    • 2 parts per million would be additional cost

  • Back in the 80’s cutter boats and iron deposits

  • Recommends water survey every 2 years

Grants for Curly Leaf

  • Bryan submitted for 2 Grants

    • Wright county get feedback in April

    • DNR no time estimate provided as to we may receive funding

Vote on the Craig Treatment of the Lake

  • Motion to do the whole lake (Unanimous Yes treat the whole lake)

Sewer Update:

  • County is most likely going to be $3,000 per household

Research On the Lid:

  • Nothing to report, Lisa Benson to have full report in July

Next Meeting:

  • Flotilla Lake party set for July 17th  2021

Next VP:

  • End of Brian’s term in the Fall

  • Patrick volunteered to be VP until the end of the year (Unanimous vote of Yes to approve)

Ice Out:

To discuss the $100 yearly dues next meeting:

6:57PM Closing out the Meeting


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