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Lake Martha Association Meeting

Saturday, July 22, 2023 @ 3:00 P.M.

Schmitz Garage 606 Halsey

Draft Agenda

Welcoming Committee Report - Jane

Introduction of Residents

Last Meeting Minutes - Nate

Treasurer Report - Curt

Curly Leaf Pondweed Update:

Review Summer 2023

Costs for 2023 application Grant updates

Review Summer 2024 vote to continue

Estimate for 2024 application

Grant applications

Requested Donations

Update of New Build on Hamilton Ave

Discussion: Results of Moving from Republic to Curbside Waste - Patrick

Discussion: Lake Picnic


Discuss format/place etc.

Committee & Project Updates:

Secchi Disk readings-Lake Treatment Assement - Jim

Directory Updates - Dave

Website - Patrick


Additional New Business - open

Pick Future Tentative Date(s) for Meetings

Election of 2024-25 Officers



Meeting called to order at 3:12PM by VP Patrick Barkuloo and 2nd by Nate Johnson

Welcome Committee: No Report / Update

  • Chad and Nicole Teubert introduced themselves (Moved into Dorothy’s) house

Last Meeting Minutes Were Read (23-Jul-2022) 

  • Angela M motioned to approve the minutes and Jim M 2nd the motion

Treasurer Report: Read by Curt S 

  • Bank Balance as of July 20th - $8,440.69

  • Association Dues: Running behind last years totals.  27 contributions so far @100

    • 2022 we had 36 donors

  • Curly leaf donations detailed: 

    • 26 donations at $250

    • 1 donation @ $200

    • 1 donation @ $150

    • 2022 we had 33 donors

  • Phone Calling – Curt has not followed up this summer yet with phone calls to the non-contributors.  Curt will get that done and see what we can round up.  Jim Miller to assist.

  • Wright County Coalition of Lake Associations sent a request for dues

    • Typically $25 but they are asking for whatever we can give

      • Motion to join membership to COLA $25 by approved by Jim Miller second by Curt

    • Angela M to talk to Theresa W to see if should would attend COLA meetings on behalf of Lake Martha

Weed Treatment:

  • Patrick to work with Josh on dates for submission of permits and Craig M to treat next year

  • Applying for the Grants:

    • Patrick to work with Josh on dates for submission of grants

Trash and Recycling

  • Anyone who did not receive Lake Martha discount reach out to Patrick for official email instructions for signing up

Lake Picnic:

  • Discussion that lake meetings should be held at a home so people could hear vs. on the lake it is difficult to hear people talking. 

  • There is not a lake picnic this year it was Cancelled

Website Update

  • Dave mentioned New residents on 8th Street.  Will reach out to get them on the directory.

  • 8 Graduating Seniors 5 on & 3 off the Lake this year

Secchi Disk Reading:

  • 2 feet last week

  • On average it is about 4 feet

  • Being done 1 time per month along with water samples by Jim, looking to do perhaps 2 times per month

  • Wind / Storms will have effects on the readings

New Business:

  • Copper Sulfate Treatment:

    • Dave mentioned full lake treatment vs. individual that was done in the past.  When we went through Midwest Aqua Care we had the option to do individual Copper Sulfate Treatments.  In the past lake association got the permit (DNR was $35).  Suggest that we get a permit for the lake to give individuals to option to get copper sulfate treatment.  Those that contribute to the whole lake treatment the association could get their indidual permit for copper sulfate.

    • Jim to reach out to Craig M on best approach for individual copper sulfate treatments

  • 2024-25 Officers:

    • President: Patrick Barkuloo

    • Vice President: Lisa Benson nominated by Patrick B and second by Joyce T

    • Treasurer: Curt Schmitz

    • Secretary:  Nate Johnson

      Officers Slate Approved unanimously

  • Next Meeting:

    • Michelle Smeby to Host Tuesday March 12th at 7:00PM

Motion to Adjourn Chad Teubert and second by Jim Miller 4:20


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