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Lake Martha Association Meeting

Tuesday, March 7, 2023 @ 7:00 P.M.

Curt & Mary-T Schmitz garage

606 Halsey Ave SE


Welcoming Committee Report - Jane

Introduction of Residents at the Meeting

Last Meeting Minutes - Nate

Treasurer Report - Curt

Curly Leaf Pondweed Update:

Review Summer 2022

Costs for 2022 application Grant updates

Review Summer 2022 vote to continue

Estimate for 2023 application

Grant applications

Requested Donations

Update of New Build on Hamilton Ave

Discussion: Discount possible of Moving from Republic to Curbside - Patrick

Discussion: Lake Picnic

Pick a date/time

Discuss format/place etc.

Committee & Project Updates:

Secchi Disk readings-Lake Treatment Assessment - Jim

Directory Updates - Dave

Website - Patrick


Additional New Business - open

Pick Future Tentative Date(s) for Meetings & Annual Lake Picnic

Ice Out Contest & Squares Contest (Sign-up) - Josh



Meeting called to order at 7:10PM by Josh M and 2nd by Brian A

Welcome Committee: No Report / Update

Last Meeting Minutes Were Read (23-Jul-2022)

  • Josh M motioned to approve the minutes and Patrick B 2nd the motion

Treasurer Report: Read by Curt S

  • Bank Balance = $7,902.48
  • Association Dues:
    • 36 of 48 residents on our list donated to association dues
    • Lake Dues are $100 this year
    • Grand total of $3550 collected
  • Curly leaf donations detailed
    • 33 of the 36 of those who paid dues also donated to this fund
    • Suggested donation for Curly Leaf is $250
    • (1) $50
    • (1) $100
    • (5) $200
    • (25) $250
    • (1) $1300
  • Electricity to run pumps for 2022 - $1848.28
    • Rebuild kits for pumps (6) $746.82
    • Check to Chad Kugler for these 2 items $2595.10

Curly Leaf Update:

  • Less Weeds last summer
  • We treated 10.8 Acres
  • Quote for treatment this year is $8,968
  • Josh motioned to continue with treatment and Brian A 2nd the motion
  • Dave T said the “Backwater” is an important part of our Lake, and not to refer to it as the
    “Swamp” as that seems offensive to some

Secchi Disk Reading:

  • Jim M sent readings to Dave T and they are posted on the Website
  • 2022 average is about 4.6 feet

New Resident on Hamilton Ave:

  • New Owner Matt Youngren
  • Applyed for setback variances to build house
  • Residence would have a grinder pump
  • County Variance is Pending further investigation. Decision to be made at their next meetings.

Garbage and Recycling Provider:

  • Patrick B discussed new garbage company to use “Curbside Waste”
  • Steve W currently uses the company
  • $47.29/2 months for 65 Gallon Trash bin
  • Patrick B to put together a Facebook poll to see who would switch
  • TBD if Lake Charlotte will go in on New Garbage Company
    • To send them the Survey
    • Lisa B can forward to Lake Charlotte Association

Summer Party / Meeting / Picnic:

  • Potential for Chad & Rachel Kuegler’s
  • To keep Lake Meeting separate from the picnic
  • Meeting to be held 22-Jul-2023
  • Motion from Brian A 2nd motion by Josh M

Neighborhood Directory: Dave T

  • New entries include East Side of Hansack and West Side 7th Street. Send any changes or corrections to Dave and he will continue to put together as it is beneficial

New Business:

  • Fish Kill
    • Fish Infection Info Posted on the Website
    • Josh M provided update
    • Isolated to Bacterial Infection
    • Last year was very rare
    • Reported in 5 other lakes in Wright County

Motion to Adjourn the meeting 2nd motion by Joyce T


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