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Whole Lake Curly Leaf


Our Association seeks to raise $6,000 at this time to fund this project.  As it will not be necessary to treat individual shorelines, we are basing our minimum goal with the logic that the minimum cost to treat 50% of the smallest shorelines (per DNR rules) was a fee of $179 through Midwest AquaCare in recent years.  With that in mind, and taking into account there are shorelines that cost over $200 to treat each Spring, we are asking for a suggested donation of $200 per household and hoping to make our goal by having at least 30 of the 46 homes take part in this project.

With that being said, it would well be appreciated if we could get upwards to 100% participation, as this lake is an investment and a home to us all.  Any excess funds this year will be used to adjust our goals next year accordingly.

Keep in mind, We also need as many lake shore owners to pay their $100 annual dues as soon as possible as well.

Please feel free to use this GoFundMe page to pay your dues and contribute to this project, or feel free to drop off annual dues separately to my home at 7412 - 9th St SE.  Contributions to the curly leaf project can also be delivered to my address as well.  Make checks payable to Lake Martha Improvement Association, or Lake Martha for short.

Thanks in advance,

Jim Miller - Treasure

If you would like an easy way to Pay Association Dues and/or Fund this Project click on this GoFundMe link.


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