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The mission of the Lake Martha Improvement Association is to promote the quality of Lake Martha, the neighborhood in which it is located and general interests of its members in relation to Lake Martha.


Family Membership dues are $100.00 per year. Membership for residents without lakefront property is only $50.00 per year. New residents have a free membership for their first year, as guests of the Lake Martha Improvement Association.


Voting rights on lake issues, such as officer elections, amendment to bylaws, and lake treatments. Group Services and discounts on, lawn service and lake weed control permits and services.

A sense of friendly community offering neighborhood crime watch, help with projects like the putting in and taking out of docks, quality referrals for hiring of local teens for babysitting, yard work or such,  the common courtesy of minimal wakes on our small lake, and counter clock-wise boat traffic direction on congested days.

Social events that include meetings in rotating households, an annual summer picnic, the 4th of July boat parade, a winter/summer social with the Lake Charlotte Association, the annual garage sale, and frequent flotilla gatherings.



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