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The name of this association shall be “Lake Martha Improvement Association”.

Article II

Objectives, Goals, and Purpose

Section 1: Objectives

The objectives of this association shall be to promote the care and improvement of Lake Martha, promote conservation and preservation of the natural resources and the general interests of its members in relation to Lake Martha.

Section 2: Goals

The goals of this association are to have a clean lake and lakeshore, good fishing, safe, considerate boating and water recreation, and have a friendly lake community.

Section 3: Purpose

The purpose of this association is to provide a forum for members and interested persons to present issues, disseminate information, and to facilitate the objectives and goals stated above.

Article III

Membership and Dues

Section 1: Membership

Members shall be owners of property adjoining Lake Martha and/or those interested in the objectives, goals, and purpose of the Lake Martha Improvement Association. An individual or family may hold membership. The cost of the membership will be the same for an individual or family. There will be one vote allowed per membership. The Lake Martha Improvement Association is non-sectarian, non-political, and operated not for profit.

Section 2: Dues

Annual dues shall be $100 for on lake members and off lake members at 50% rate of on lake members, payable on or before May 1 of each year, payable to the Treasurer, Lake Martha Improvement Association. Dues may be raised at the annual September meeting if a quorum is present and with a two-thirds approval vote. The President of the Association shall receive membership gratis.

Section 3: Arrears

Any member who is in arrears with dues shall have no voice or vote in the Association.

Section 4: Revocation

An individual may have his/her membership revoked from the Association by a two-thirds vote of members attending any regular meeting. Prior notice on the agenda must be distributed at least two weeks before the next meeting, indicating that a recommendation has been made to have a member removed. An appeal can be made at any meeting with a majority vote.

Section 5: Amendments

Amendments to all or any part of these Bylaws may be made at any meeting, with request for, and discussion of changes held at a meeting one month prior to meeting for vote. A quorum is required, including email votes, with a two-thirds approval vote.

Section 6: Quorum

A quorum shall be at least eight (8) voting members of which at least two (2) are officers.


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