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Secchi Disk Readings Weed Control Watershed


In keeping with our mission, Lake Martha Improvement Association has worked hard over the years on remedies addressing problems that affect small lakes like ours. Projects for Aquatic Invasive Plants and Creatures, Lake bottom stabilization and water clarity have made dramatic improvements.

  1. We first started by purchasing Weed Cutting & Rake Boats back in the 1980's. We eventually abandoned using the Cutter and Rake Boats after about 20 years. Since that time some individuals have been treating their shorelines using spraying methods.

  2. Our next major project ("Lake Restoration") was to treat the lake bottom in the early 1990's with iron to tie up the phosphates in the bottom sediments.

  3. In 2001 our lake along with Lake Charlotte completed a project to replace individual septic systems with "City Sewer".

  4. We added aeration units in 2019 to help with the natural processes that address water quality and clarity.

  5. This season we voted in favor of a "whole lake" approach to treating the invasive Curlyleaf Pondweed, with encouragement and direction from the DNR. Curlyleaf was once under better control, but has in recent years overpowering and choking out the more beneficial natural plant life, causing deterioration of our lake bottom and water clarity. Our Association is moving forward with plans to use the services of Aquatic Solutions to purchase and apply the product needed to combat this invasive species. Our Association seeks to raise enough money to fund this project.

If you are one of the 46 Lake Shore owners or Association Member click on this Link.

If you are not a resident but a Lake Martha "Fan" and would like to help us fund this project click on this GoFundMe link.


Phosphorus is one of the problem pollutants when it comes to the quality of our lakes, and there’s been a great deal of work done to try and minimize its impact on our water.

  1. Our association with guidance from "Clear Water Technologies" and DNR, treated our lake with many tons of Magnetite from late fall/winter of 1991-92 and follow-up in the spring of 2001.

  2. In 2014 Wright Soil and Water Conservation District in conjunction with the University of Minnesota St. Anthony Fall Laboratory installed the "Minnesota Filter" to remove approximately 12 pounds of phosphorus annually from agricultural runoff and help protect Martha’s water quality.



2000 Sewer District Project


2015 Aquatic Plant Community of Lake Martha

2020 Late-Spring Curlyleaf Pondweed Delineation

2021 Whole Lake Curlyleaf Pondweed Treatment



New "Minnesota Sand Filter" installed fall 2014


Lake Martha 3-diffuser DYI Aeration System proposal

This is the aeration system summary that was presented at the Lake Association meeting March 14, 2019. This will hopefully provide some insight into what our Lake Martha Improvement Association is trying to accomplish.


Another Lake Iron Treatment Study


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