1: Discover the allure of the Kennedy half dollar, a coin shrouded in mystery and history.

2: First minted in 1964, these coins feature JFK's portrait, making them highly sought after.

3: The 1964 Proof Kennedy half is considered the "Holy Grail" among collectors due to its rarity.

4: Other sought-after dates include the 1966 SMS, 1970-D, and the 1974-D doubled die.

5: The coin's unique design and significance in American history make it a prized possession.

6: The Kenney half dollar's popularity continues to grow, with collectors eagerly seeking rare varieties.

7: From key dates to special minting errors, each Kennedy half dollar tells a story of its own.

8: Whether you're a seasoned numismatist or a novice collector, the Kennedy half dollar is a must-have.

9: Join the hunt for the Holy Grail of Kennedy half dollars and add a piece of history to your collection today.